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Treatment at the The Disc Institute

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"When you have experienced failed attempt after failed attempt from well-meaning doctors and therapists you start to lose trust, faith and hope in ever getting better. I completely understand. In fact, all my patients have had this experience before consulting with me. All patients with disc problems get put into the same "standard of care" box, and unfortunately that approach of drugs, injections, and surgery won't heal your disc – and subsequently won't solve your pain. In most cases it makes you worse with more disability." –– Dr. Joseph Mannella

It takes innovative thinking to create a new possibility. Disc Oscillation Therapy™ is just that. We don't claim to be, or have, better outcomes at something that everyone else is already doing (like therapy or chiropractic). We simply do something much different, and outside the box, that is unique to all other forms of care traditionally provided. Disc Oscillation Therapy™ is not physical therapy, chiropractic, pain management, or surgery.

Disc Oscillation Therapy™ is a combination of treatments that creates an increase of needed circulation to the disc, which allows the disc to repair. Most people are told that the disc cannot get better, and they have to settle with the possibility of surgery – this is simply not true. The disc is a living tissue that has significant mechanisms for self-repair. It is a God-given physiological fact. It is this mechanism that Disc Oscillation Therapy™ taps into. This is why Disc Oscillation Therapy™ achieves a 96% success rate on cases that have previously failed with the standard approaches. If you don't give the disc what it needs it will die just like a plant not getting water or light. Treating the conditions of the dying plant, like painting the leaves green or cutting off the wilted branches, will not solve the problem of the plant not getting what it needs...and it's the same for your disc. Without specific circulation at the disc, the disc can only die. Taking shots for the pain or removing a portion of the disc also won't solve the problem of the disc not getting what it needs. It needs the circulation that Disc Oscillation Therapy™ provides for true healing. With true healing you achieve pain relief and restored function.

Although there is no procedure that is 100% successful, to maintain at least a 96% success rate that he does, Dr Joseph Mannella does a thorough examination and evaluation of you and your MRI's first. If you do not have MRI's, they may be ordered to help determine if you are a candidate. All patients are seen by Dr. Joseph Mannella personally, and given ample time to discover exactly what Disc Oscillation Therapy™ is and why it works. Only those patients that are good candidates are accepted into care. Dr Mannella's goal is to help as many appropriate cases start care while maintaining the highest level of results and reputation.